We get all over Fran Doll a.k.a @throughrosecolouredglasses - Bali Body | Australia

We get all over Fran Doll a.k.a @throughrosecolouredglasses

Fran Doll gets Bali Body all over her killer rig in the beautiful Nusa Lembongan

Bali Body + Fran Doll is a match made in heaven

When we heard that Francis Highfield was en-route to Bali, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get Bali Body all over Fran and hear her thoughts! 

Fran Doll is a self proclaimed 'chameleon of fashion', constantly evolving her style to stay in tune with the latest and greatest trends in the fashion industry. 

Frans blog http://www.throughrosecolouredglasses.net is a detailed insight into some of her favourite encounters in fashion, and well worth the read!

This talented and GORGEOUS Sydney gal is also on the verge of dropping her own label TRG. 
TRG will be a basics range, focused around classic colours of leather with a distinctive edgy high-fashion look. The centre piece will be a Moto Boot that Fran designed 3 years ago, and judging by her enviable style and taste it will definitely be something to watch out for!

Fran Doll shares her first Bali Body experience

We chatted with Fran and got her thoughts on her first experience with Bali Body;
'I love the feel, the smell is great! Light but great. Definitely didn't feel like I was getting "cooked" but I'm super tan! Bottle is great, love the flat design!'

Read Frans blog for yourself at http://www.throughrosecolouredglasses.net
Check out Frans page for some Inspo @throughrosecolouredglasses