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A Bali Love Affair

An island dream for sun worshippers..

Bali Body was inspired by the Islands warm balmy nights, magical sunsets and relaxed atmosphere. 


This forever changing island is filled with beautiful souls from around the world, that embark on a mission to find a better life on this magical island. 

Our friends at The Bali Bible have put together a Bali Bucket List... 

Today we are talking Ayana Resort, (Rock Bar to be exact!) where the waves crash, tunes pump and the sun sets are unforgettable.


One of Bali Body's most loved places to visit for a cocktail is Ayana, where the staff are always smiling and the cocktails are to die for. Listening to the waves crash while the international DJ plays the latest tunes, makes the experience unforgettable.

From the moment you step into Ayana Resort, the experience is divine. As you walk down to Rock Bar, you are greeted by beautiful staff and swept away by breathtaking views of the ocean. A cable cart awaits, and you head down the cliff face to sip on luxurious cocktails and let the warm sea breeze take you away... 

Bali Body definitely recommends this on your next Bali escape.

Every Bali trip needs some Bali Body, to nourish and hydrate your skin while you soak up that legendary Bali sunshine.

For the equally legendary nights out on the Island, use our natural body oil to take your Island glow long into the night. 

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