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Create Your Own Avocado Honey Face Mask

If we were to list the things we loved it would go something like this: smooth, healthy skin and food. Hence the reason we created Bali Body, because it is literally skin food.

This easy face mask with avocado is also a great skin food miracle worker, invite your girlfriends around and have some face mask fun together.

It's no surprise, the best thing for your skin is natural goodness. What may surprise you however is how many crazy amazing benefits their are in the avocado.

Reasons you need more avocados in your life include balanced hormones, improve digestion, lower cholesterol, improve your mood, help moderate blood sugar levels, increases your brain health and moisturised skin.

They are magic, and so is this easy little DIY Avocado Honey Face Mask you can make with a few ingredients from the pantry at home.


Mash 1/2 Avocado, 2 TBS Honey and 1 TSP of Lemon in a small bowl and apply on your face.  Avoid your eyes and mouth but if you accidentally eat some, that's totally fine. Its literally so good for you that you can eat it.

Let all the goodness sink in for 20 minutes. Go take a bath, or read your favourite book and relax. Wipe the mask off with some warm water and follow with your favorite moisturiser, Bali Body. It's the perfect way to end a hard day at work if we don't say so ourselves.

Love you, babe. BB x