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Your Top 5 Winter Essentials

Winter is well and truly here, babes. I think every aussie-gal is currently insta-stalking everyone else in the US, Europe and anywhere warm at the moment wishing they were them – us included. If you’re not soaking up the sun in Santorini or LA, we have everything you need to make the most of the chilly weather and do winter like the pro you are.
First up, knit wear – SO IMPORTANT. These are our favourites from Sabo Skirt. You can absolutely still look cute despite the weather, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Once you have that under control, you need the best blankets in all the land. Country Road have the best of the best here.

Did you know that in winter the cold, dry air can cause itching, flaking, and dehydrated skin? Prevent dry winter skin with Bali Body. It really is the miracle skin food.
Bali Body is a blend of plant based oils designed to nourish, hydrate and replenish all skin types. Apply Bali Body daily – add it to your morning/night routine and have glowing summer skin in winter. Your life will now be starting to resemble something like this. #goals

Now you have the luscious skin covered, you need to keep your toes warm. Boots are your winter staple. Wear them with a dress, skirt, jeans – everything! Top Shop currently has some must-haves here. The Blanche & Magnum Ankle Boots are everything.  
Last but not least, we found the perfect trick to maintain your winter-hair do. Go Fedora crazy at Lack of Colour. We are so obsessed with these babies. When you walk out the door with your smooth skin and babe'n get-up you will pretty much look like Carrie Bradshaw on a snowy NYC day.Life mission accomplished.

Love you, Love BB. x