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Five Ways to Create A Pinterest Worthy Home

Here at Bali Body HQ we love a good scroll on Pinterest, especially for some interiors inspiration. Lusting over monochrome interiors has become a regular occurrence, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and turn our homes into Pinterest worthy homes.

See below five tips to help get you started!


// Add some fresh greenery

Use plants, succulents, fresh flowers - anything that will bring some life into your home.



// Create warmth with throws and rugs

Throws are great for creating texture and warmth through your house, another alternative is a beautiful sheepskin rug or if you're feeling a bit adventurous try a colourful floor rug.



// Use a stool instead of a dresser 

Say hello to your new best friend - the stool! Almost as practical as a dresser but a lot cuter.



// Don't hang your frames

That's right, just pop them down on the floor, lean them on the way and be on your merry way. Even layer with a few different sizes.



// Don't put your clothes away

Leave your leather jacket hanging over a chair or hang your new dress from the wall, either way just leave them out.