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About Bali Body

Pioneering in design, functionality and summer vibes, Bali Body has been created so you can naturally nourish & enjoy a slice of sunshine all year round.

We deliver beach babes worldwide a breadth of beautifully packaged, high quality & affordable products, spanning from tanning oils to skin care products, all packed with natural, active & hydrating ingredients.

Proudly Australian & animal friendly, we make all our products in our hometown of Melbourne, strictly testing only on Bali Body Babes. We’re committed to using naturally derived plant, seed based oils & butters, & believe that when you have glowing skin, you can glow from within.

Our name was inspired from the beautiful Indonesian island Bali, a special place to co-founders Laura & David. At Bali Body, we strive to make sure that wherever you go, and whatever you do, you can always take the warm embrace of summer with you. Bali Body is simply summer, bottled.

“For much of my childhood & adolescence, I suffered from the debilitating effects of sensitive skin and eczema. At times when my condition was at its worst, I wouldn’t have the confidence to even leave the house missing out on social events, and being left with sticky creams & medicines as my only saviour.

With limited natural skin care options available, I chose to chase the sun & create my own combinations of oils to help heal my skin. From here the Bali Body journey began, along with a quest for endless summers”

Laura Foley
Co-founder and Director